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Course Description

What is BrainicityTM? (Summary) The heart produces electromagnetic signals, which is called electrocardiography (ECG) or the heart biofield. The brain produces electromagnetic signals, which is called electroencephalography (EEG) or the brain biofield. BrainicityTM uses integrated harmonic wave audio patterns to facilitate multiple brain biofield resonances. BrainicityTM generates a unique waveform with a specific number of integrated harmonic wave audio patterns to facilitate multiple brain biofield resonances. This unique waveform at different frequencies are fed into the brain via headphones to produce interpreted frequencies that are within the brains biofields of delta, theta, and alpha range. These unique waveforms are also used in a binaural manner whereby different sounds are fed into the left and right ears. The brain produces a third sound. It is this process that promotes the development of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. There is often limited communication between the left and right hemispheres and the limbic system of the brain, which is the emotional center of the brain. If the hemispheres of the brain are utilized separately, they may not fully process experiences. This may create increased anxiety in response to a stressful situation. With proper communication between the two hemispheres, the conflict may be resolved. In a clinical study, the BrainicityTM system caused an immediate increase in alpha brain waves and relaxation.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Instructions and Information

    3. BrainicityTM Audio 7 Minutes Download

    4. BrainicityTM Audio ELF 21 Minutes Download

    5. BrainicityTM Audio Solfeggio 7.5-Minutes Download

    6. BrainicityTM Audio Solfeggio All 18 minutes Download

    7. BrainicityTM Audio Solfeggio Music 7.5 Minutes Download

    8. BrainicityTM Video Solfeggio 7.5-Minutes Download

    9. BrainicityTM Video Solfeggio Music 7.5-Minutes Download

    10. Questionnaire

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